Tuesday 26 November 2013

Yahtzee + Game Dev = The Consuming Shadow

Yahtzee Croshaw has made a new game. 

Famed for Zero Punctuation show, Yahtzee has a bunch of other projects that are released every so often. Video games are one of such hobbies. 

He described it as a survival-horror rogue-like. Taking a big inspiration from FTL: Faster Than Light. Using the aspect of a game that places you against small odds and grand foes. The thrill that brings the tension. Trying to apply that to a 'Lovecraftian' story is what The Consuming Shadow is all about.

The first part of that genre probably comes from Yahtzee's favourite video game Silent Hill 2. I recall this from a Q and A at the first Escapist Expo where all the panellists gave an answer to their favourite games.

The game is interesting in concept and is still in beta. Might as well check it out since it's free on his website.

Here is his full description of it.

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