Saturday 16 November 2013

Relic of Blizzard Emerges - Free Game

A new... old Blizzard game available!

Disappointed that none of the memorable characters such as Snake Sanders from Rock n' Roll Racing made an appearance in Heroes of the Storm. Blizzard was supposed to present a game with characters from all of their games. Though it was clearly lacking anything classic.

In an interview with Sixen Dustin Browder said he did plan to working on new characters in the future elaborating on The Lost Vikings after being asked if said game or Rock n' Roll Racing characters would make their debut.

Even though these games are not part of a massive fan-base like the other games, at least people are asking. Blachthorne is another story. It's an old title from 1994 which came out after Warcraft. Some wonderful Blizzard employee has decided to start up development again.

I'm not saying Blachthorne is getting a schedule or will appear in Heroes of the Storm ( though that would be a splendid Easter egg).

The work being done on the game has allowed it to work on modern systems. It is available for free download on                                                                                                      Image from: LazyGamer
The game was originally a Super Nintendo Game but ended up on the Sega 32X. Now it did make an appearance on Floppy Disks which probably were in use while it was on MS-DOS. Eventually it made it's way the super modern optical technology known only as CD-ROM! It made it's way to Mac.

If you want it now, the best option would probably trying to find it for the GBA. That is if you have one or own a DS that isn't 3D. That's not true since it's now available for Windows! Though it is interesting to learn Blizzard made the port for the GBA.

It is a platformer. You as Kyle, climb all around the level and take revenge by shooting whatever gets in your way. A total of 17 levels within 4 different areas — Androth where you will find mines but I don't believe you'll find Dwarves, Karrellian which may have forests and swamps but may not have any wood Elves, the Wasteland that my be home to a desert but without a valut 17, and the Shadow keep which just sounds scary.

The game may be best played on the 32X version since it allows you to access a fifth area. Snowy Mountains which offer white walkers, possibly.
I'm not totally sure on what the PC version offers but I will download and review it soon. It would be nice if that was added but if not I may need a 32X.

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