Sunday 3 November 2013

New Pokemon in X and Y?

Pokemon Spoilers

A hacker by the name of Smealum has been searching through the source code of Pokemon X and Y. As the title describes I'm sure you'll understand what this means. 

Probably a form of DLC that is already in game content. The kind of DLC that just unlocks what already exists on the game itself. Preplanned DLC if you will. A pretty clever marketing trick that allows companies to give you an extra insentive to play the game more even if you think you got "100 percent" since there is always more you can unlock. They started this generation off by giving you the chance to experience these new digivolved Pokemon, err, I mean, mega-evolved Pokemon. I'm referring to the
mega-Blaziken you attained early on (this is assuming you own one of the games).

These secret characters include a couple legendaries from gen 3,
Latios and Latias. Blaziken isn't going to make the only appearance from that region it seems. This is a bit funny if you check out the pictures. The original pokemon where esentially legendary airoplanes. Now you can have mega-evolve them into fighter jets!

But the fun doesn't stop there! Oh not at all; for there were three more Pokemon to be announced. 

Well this is presuming that these will be attainable through more special events like theorized before. I think that the fire Pokemon Volcanion actually looks pretty cool for a turtle with a life raft stuck to his back.

There are also some fairy-type or psychic type looking Pokemon. They just seem like the regular weird creatures you have come to love from Game Freak. The names are Diancie and Hoopa.

For now this has been the Pokemon who have been revealed so far. The possibility of more exists and when/ how these will be attainable is yet to be figured out. I'm going to go ahead and assume these are not scrapped sprites and that they will be used since they all seem to be finished. It would be off not to add them in. Perhaps there was a problem this balancing these Pokemon into the game? For now it's a waiting game. The next event is on the horizon and the prize is, one of these fine bundles of pixels!

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