Wednesday 13 November 2013

The Humble Store Accepts Your Spare Change

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I've written about The Humble Bundle several times on this website. Many posts were about games I've seen on the bundle or actually bought on the bundle. Such as Botanicula. It's the reason for my 'Games To Play' list being in surplus.

It seems everyone else has beaten me to this. I found out after looking up Neocolonialism yesterday and reading it would be on 'the Humble Store' but I didn't realize what that meant until I click the link. With the same day it seems 3 different sources have written about this topic. Well since it's late and I started this last night I should get it done at least. This is what the bandwagon feel like?

Humble bundle has been known for being attention to indie games and smaller developers by bundling their bundles with different games and developers. This allows for a lot of variety and what's best is it comes at whatever price you want. I've spoken of the Humble Bundle a few times in different posts. Normally you can select how much you pay for the how bundle of games along by allocating your payment in portions to the developers, the charities chosen, and the humble bundle team.

The Humble Bundle has more recently been promoting bigger publishers and has had a lot of AAA games available through their service. Now with the addition of the Humble Store every 24 hours there are new sales what a really good but don't seem to follow any sort of them. These seem great but it is certainly a deterrent from their style yet again. Though different, it is certainly effective. These earning go to the three divisions just like in the humble bundles but set at a fixed rate. The developers getting 75 per cent of the revenue, 10 per cent going to charity, and the rest goes to the site.

An example is System Shock 2 for $2.50. There is no point in posting the titles here since they change so quickly. It's worth going over and taking a look. Support charity, buy cheap games, help bring worthy devs to the top.

It should be mentioned that if you buy a single game there is no need to allocate your payment between developers. All the money is distributed by them and not the customer in this case.

Also there are weekly sales happening as well which sometimes rival the actual Humble Bundle in quality.

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