Monday 25 November 2013

Xbox One Sells Like The PS4

Apparently record breaking sales are typical.

The Xbox has done what the PS4 did when it broke records over a week ago. Just as 1 million playstations were purchased so too were Xbox Ones.

Honestly even though there has been a lot of insults going about the way of Microsoft for not building something up to pare with modern systems they clearly know what they're doing. The Xbox One had a very similar launch line-up.

The Playstation has exlcusives such as Resogun, Knack, and Killzone: Shadow Fall. I'm not very interested in Knack. Though it has an interesting concept it does seem like a very repetitive and tedious game. I was quite the fan of the unique perspective and mechanics from Super Stardust HD, a wonderful revamp of an old series Housemarque has made for the PS3. That's relevant because Resogun is their new game for the PS4. Lots of colours, lots of up beat techno music, and lots of lasers! It has even been gifted as a free game on the PS4 for Playstation Plus subscribers. Which is free too since you get 30 days free access with the console out of the box.

Housemarque is known for their good marketing because this was exactly what they did with Super Stardust HD for the early bird PS3 owners.

Contrast was also free for Playstation Plus subscribers. An exclusive on launch but may just be coming to the Xbox One as well. None the less, it's still a launch exclusive.

Killzone was meant to be the big hot shot AAA title that would demonstrate the PS4's capability. It certainly did just that in it's stunning graphics but the rest of the game is, well, average for an FPS. Which is disappointing because I was hoping things would get a bit more interesting with this instalment into the franchise. The history in the Killzone universe is an interesting one but it played out a bit mediocre. Angry Joe made a review expressing just how average the gameplay really is.

After all I've learnt the only game I am at all ready to play is Resogun which is only one title.

For the Xbox we have Dead Rising 3, Ryse: Son of Rome Read and Crimson Dragon. Two original IP with interesting concepts and a the third instalment in a very well received franchise. Ryse could draw in a lot of people with it's historical appeal and intense action. For me though I am honestly turned away from a game that plays like a movie constantly being put on pause. Though personal preference. God of War is popular isn't it?

Dead Rising 3 is bound to be a cash grabber. Being the seventh game in the series it has a big audience that just keeps coming back like Pokemon players just wanting to get those 100 more sprites in their check-list.
Though customizable zombie killing is the seller which people spend a good time doing, it isn't that rewarding. Honestly it just adds to the mindless repetition of playing baseball with different deformed bats. At least baseball has a set number of innings. In the end there will be dozens of hours logged by thousands of lost souls as they gain achievements for putting a bucket over some dead teenagers head.

Crimson Dragon does have the most to offer I think. Following in the footsteps of one of the most acclaimed rail-gun shooters Panzer Dragoon; this exclusive adds the potential for some very exciting gameplay. Though that is the how disappointments come to be, by having potential. This game was not the next Panzer Dragoon. Check out what Ben Reeves had to say about it's lack in comparison to the older Sega gem.

In the end the strength of the launch libraries seem to be about equal. The Xbox with it's media functionality might have been enough to hook people in. Now everyone can stay on their couch and yell at the TV for what they want. 

Both consoles had their FPS games which grabbed all the frat-boys one could imagine. They both are mediocre and are in need of maturing for a decent set of games to be released. 

Millions being sold on day one, I wonder if it'll be a trend. I'm calling it! PS5 and Xbox Zero will set 2 million day one!

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