Monday 18 November 2013

Despite Warnings PS4s Were Grabbed Like Lost Children

Sidenote: RIP, Charles Bellfield.

As stated before it's probably a bad idea to preorder. Preemptively purchasing a product before knowing anything about it. No reviews, no testing, no bug tests, no patches, nothing but blinding deposits of cash.

Whether or not the world will come to their sense and read this blog as law is still debatable. I do not mean to insinuate that every next-gen console owner is going to be disappointed with their purchase. Far from it. Usually, the ones you buy right away don't have many complaints because being critical requires effort.

This isn't meant to be scathing but just to bring to light a lot of people purchase out of hype and excitement. Not curiosity or research. This means a lot of games are often purchased out of marketing that prides itself on leaching your attention. Smaller indie games have slowly gotten a rise in popularity but their space on the field of PS4 owners is yet to be seen.

I've read that the PS4 is going to be a proud supporter of the little guy and have plenty of indie titles for download. Though I wonder how many of the Battlefield4 or COD: Ghosts players are really into puzzle platformers?

                                                      Image by John Pading and Daniel Shealey

There are all sorts of indie titles. Indie titles span every genre actually. They usually just have much smaller budgets. In fact indie games often create new genres by daring to go where invested developers fear to walk.

If people spent their time to learn about the products they invested their money into the gaming industry would be a lot different. For now, that is the small minority. FPS games get lots of attention because they provide immediate action and catharsis which takes time to develop in a point-and-click such as Wolf Among Us. That's one example.
Also, when I use the phrase FPS, I often just mean modern military shooters. Perfect Dark, is great example of a game which takes the fast pace action the genre brings and takes full advantage by purposely making the game ridiculous.


Unlike with the PS3 launch this turned out to boost Sony in a direction that will bloom a lot of growth in their market. The PS3 launch quite a while after the Xbox 360 and as a result, having very similar hardware, the audience for such games was all in the hands of Microsoft. Now things have turned with similar release dates the difference might not be as large. Though the success of the Xbox One launch is to be announced.

It's been 3 days now and I've already seen so many videos splurge the internet. This is due to it's 1 million units sold within its launch day. There were many anticipated games for the PS4 on launch like, Killzone, Need For Speed, and uhhhh Knack? Well, that's one of my many reasons for advising against the purchase of consoles at launch. Every launch line-up sucks. Of course there are some good games but are they really worth getting the whole machine and it's multiple hundred dollar requirement. As time passes, new games arise, and the prices of the confirmed good games you want right now are cheap.

Spoils of money often favour those with a need for a game right now, this second, COME ON! There are some perks people will get to dive into with their Sony loyalty. A company know for it's own loyalty to Microsoft is favouring the Playstation. Bungie has been working on Destiny and even though it's to be released on both systems, the beta access is for PS3/ PS4 first.

Apparently this launch is being recorded as one of the most successful.

This is not without any issue far from. Rumours are going around for how many consoles are defective so far but really no one can know right now. Someone I turn to for news and opinion often is TotalBiscuit. And this all of this comotion, his PS4 was at home and ready to use but the disc tray didn't work. How many are bricked? It's to be discovered. Just like the Red Ring, the true damage is not seen immediately.

Another good example is in this new Escapist video. The host of the show describes getting her PS4 and after turning it on getting a blink light accompanied by a void of fun. It's being referred to as the "blue light of death."

Thankfully there are some solutions that exist which might save some time and shipping costs.


There are a lot of complaints about resolution too. That the Xbox will fail because of it's lack of 1080p but then again, this is pretty old news. Since 1080p has been a standard for years and with the 'new' technology apparently not able to meet even the standard it's disappointing/ embarrassing. Higher quality is on the PC and has been for some time. Though these arguments are quite petty. The games and their gameplay really are what determine it's fun. Polygons and pixels are great but their just one element. Having more is not necessarily better.

Now it might be easier to understand through Antonio Banderas:

The old joke about PS3 having no games has some relevance once more. Only now it's about the current generation. Waiting has it's benefits but who's going to listen?

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