Sunday 10 November 2013

PS4 Almost Here But The Details?

PS4 does not support Audio CDs though it will run UMDs...

I'm confused too. Apparently it won't run PSP games but it will run UMD movies.
The CDs aren't available perhaps due to the fact Sony doesn't want to pay for the right to have that functionality. They were apparently struggling to get the price down to $400.

Blu-Ray ability has to be activated by going online (or ordering disc if internet is not an option) and registering apparently. That way Sony saves money and doesn't pay for the activation of every system made but rather, every system bought.

Apparently this feature will allow for 3D Rlu-ray too. Unlike the Xbox One which wont. Though to be fair, both consoles have quite enough gimmicks.

PS4 controllers use micro-usb instead of mini-usb like the PS3 used for it's controllers. These are apparently quite common since all phones now a days aside from all things Apple use these cables. Too be honest I've never seen this thing but that's what some journalists have told me. This seems reliable since the cables go for about a one dollar ebay.

If you really want one of those controllers you can buy one already. It's already at EBGames and Gamestop for the wonderful price of 60 dollars. ಠ_

Sadly the PS3 controllers are not support for the PS4. Even though the PS4 is supposed to have a much better and ergonomic controller, I would still rather buy maybe one extra controller for 2 player games and just save $120 by using the PS3 controllers. It's a real shame that Sony is making a cash grab like that. Though such is expected with these new consoles. If they want them to stay a float they require a ton of base work from the beginning.

The PS4 controller like the Xbox One and the classic Xbox 360 controller is natively compatible with the PC. Also it's usable with the PS3. Which is all sorts of confusing. I guess Sony wants to spread their market to other audience with their new products and ignore the old ones to make them gain popularity by demand.

If you purchased any of That Game Company's games, you'll be able to download them for free on the PS4. These ports have higher resolution graphics and means you'll be able to get mesmerized that much easier.

It comes with a web browser and also is going to support a bunch of common PC peripherals after the day one patch. This includes but isn't limited to:
  • Most USB headphones.
  • USB keyboards.
  • Twitch and Ustream stream support.
  • Party (Voice chat).
  • “Always on” video encoding systems (this lets you record, take screen shots, and upload gameplay but comes at the cost of constant system strain).
  • Play games as they download up to how ever much you downloaded. This would be more useful if you actually have good internet otherwise the experience would probably be very choppy. The feature is neat but only supported for certain titles. 
  • Online Multiplayer.
  • Background music player.
  • You can use voice commands and have face recognition. This will probably be a great for people who have certain disabilities. Not being able to move with much freedom means those features will allow these people to play without too much issue.   
 The packaged PS4 will included in it's box,
"That box and the packaging for the DualShock 4, its charger, the PlayStation 4 Eye, and the console's vertical stand (yes, seriously) were all revealed on PlayStation Europe community manager Chris Owen's Twitter account earlier today, and they all look like pieces of one big family."
 As stated on Engagement.

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