Tuesday 26 November 2013

inFamous Second Son ScreenShots

The game I would be most interested in playing as of what I know is coming to the new consoles is probably inFamous Second Son.

The game has a bunch of new screen shots.

inFamous has been a series a very much enjoyed. Both games were pretty good though I did enjoy the original more. The fact they couldn't get the same voice for both games kinda through my off, especially with a different face on the same character. I do enjoy my plot consistency.

The game series (if you are unfamiliar) takes you in the role of a accidental superhero who has a job in stopping super-powered gangs that control the the city. The story line of the original inFamous was also a bit more inciting, with a very satisfying ending. Not one I could have predicted but then again, I might just be bad at picking up foreshadowing. I'm sort of convinced of that actually.

Both ended up having their twists at the end but the second one felt a little forced. The same sort of game with more powers. Which is all some people wanted.

There games are designed to try an emulate a comic book art style. With panels used for cut scenes at times and some generic super villain trying to destroy everything kind of plot. Though as the plots to each game progress the truth is not so cut and dry. 

inFamous Second Son will be the first in the series where the player is no longer in control of Cole. Now a new younger character who seems like the chaotic type. Also unlike Cole he seems to have a different element to his power. From my memory I recall most major characters from each game having their powers themed to an element on nature. Cole used electricity. This new guy seems to use fire in the trailer.

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