Sunday 10 November 2013

Microsoft & PC Games Aren't Dead?

Microsoft trying to give you some treats and make you happy with possibly empty promises?

Games for Windows Live hasn't been a favourable system for PC gamers. I remember getting Dawn of War 2 and having to make an account to play the game. Similar obligatory DRM similar to Steam, it warns down on a casual PC, more internet data requirement, and a never ending set of online issues. 
Microsoft Studios VP Phil Spencer said that he recognized that they have neglected the market. After the success of the Xbox 360 it was clear that Microsoft had a focus on the gaming market. The PC obviously being the oldest success when it has come to video games due to it's ability to be modified. Even though this offers the most in long term sustainability, Spencer told Shack News
"I think it's fair to say that we've lost our way a bit in supporting Windows games."
Though it's supposed to make a come back,
“not what you might consider a more traditional desktop PC game,” 
according to Matt Booty at the XBox One launch event.  

Jason Holtman has come to Microsoft this year after leaving in February. He really drove Valve and their business quite a long way. After all of the issues people had in the beginning he had helped them reach the grand state they had come to. Though for unknown reasons, Valve cut a lot of people's job and Gab (Founder of Valve) said he wouldn't give any comments during an interview with Engagement about why anyone was laid off. 

Even with this trusty new blood within the Microsoft hive, it is still unclear if the monolith of the tech-industry will really start focusing on PC users in a way that thinks about what the consumers want. For now their reputation hold that it's not worth holding our breath. 

The PC Market is for now owned by Valve and the AAA market on consoles is owned by Sony, but we'll see how well the Xbox One does (no that's not the machine that came out in 2001).

Microsoft, wht r u doin? STAHP!

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