Friday 11 October 2013

Free Games — Tactical Intervention

Free FPS.

Now that may be enough for a lot of people but there are some cons worth pointing out. 

It turns out that the original publisher OGPlanet dropped the game some months ago but it has been picked up by 1337 Games who got it up on steam. This not totally finished looking end result has it's ups/ downs. I'll run down of what I think based on the information I've read so far.

  1. As you will see in the video provided there is some serious extremely amplified recoil to what anyone is used to.
  2. The texture quality is amusingly bad.  
  3. The game is full of glitches and doesn't seem to be polished. 
  4. The game is free-to-play but it also asks you to pay if you want to get different weapons. You can do this through one time payments or rentals. The argument on whether theses upgrades unbalance the game is open. Worth discovering. Hopefully the game itself offers enough diversity without paying extra.
The game is ridiculous enough that such aspects might be easily overlooked since it's a bit of chaos at any moment. The spas style of game-play makes it hard to really be analytical on the subject. 

Now for the other side of this spectrum:


  1. The mechanics seem to work fairly well. The idea behind the game was apparently for it to be a successor to Counter Strike. I would say that a game which attempts that is focusing a lot on mechanics and the enjoyment out of the game-play. Graphics are not very important in my opinion. Art style and creative expression are but when they are not the focus I don't really mind. If a team decides they want to focus their time on one aspect and then implement that well and not charge for it then I'm fine with it. If anything the quality reminds me of Golden Eye or Perfect Dark which just adds the humour.
  2. The game has many modes that are featured. They are all worth trying out. It almost seems comes prepacked with a lot of mods. They don't seem to be cleanly executed but the ideas are neat. Glitches aside, the variety can make for a lot of fun. 
  3. Team and solo matches.
  4. Introduces unique mechanics such as rolling to evade. 
  5. Lots of different stuff to use (if you can get your hands on it).
If you don't take it seriously there is a lot to enjoy. Minh Le (developer from Counter Strike) really helped along with this project. It's clear that people are easily picking the mechanics up and having a good time. 

Here is a great first impression look by @TotalBiscuit :

Take what you will from this title but it seems like it has some potential for a fun time but critically it's a bit of a challenge because it induces many laughs on the subject. 

Links to purchase and learn more about the games are below:

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  4. Publisher website unidentifiable...
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