Friday 26 July 2013

Unedited Ramblings: My Favourite Variable


What makes this variable the one to stand out?

It's like a super glue that keeps our story in order while we navigate the world around us. It is a concept we create to explain how things work but it isn't really understood. We try to use it in explanation of the world but it behaves in ways we can't comprehend. It seems to be constant but in reality it slows down and speed up, it's just a relative element of the universe. It is what allows us to forge an identity but not one that ever gives us a true answer. It makes us keep searching for more. It promotes curiosity. Which is the feeling that conciousness gifts to us. It is the reason for the human experience and the difference for how we perceive this universe from the rest of life. It is the most human variable I can think of.

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