Saturday 12 October 2013

Free Game — The Witcher

Free game with sales going on at GOG!

GOG always does something to make me love them even more.

Since GOG is run by the fellas from CDProjekt, they can do things like the current deal:
The Witcher Free with ANY purchase! 

It's a great RPG. I have my own digital copy that I got as a gift off Steam and my father bought the Polish physical copy I still have sealed away, prized in my collection.
It looks amazing. The story is well thought out and I should probably just do a review and stop rambling. 

Here is their announcement on the matter on YouTube:

And here is their post on

Yeah! It's really happening. You should buy it! Or just, you know, buy anything else and get it as a result.

With many great games on sale you could get two great games for the price of  <1!

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