Thursday 31 October 2013

Photographing Ghosts For Fun

Fatal Frame III has been released for Playstation Network!

A series that has a lot of unique jump scare elements to it. Too often have I heard that jump scares are a waste of time or not valid forms of approaching the horror genre but there is no denying it; they work. The Fatal Frame series is a great example of that. Requiring you to use a camera to defeat ghosts. You walk around as if your a photographer in a haunted area. The main mechanic is while you have your camera in front of you can see the ghosts. Otherwise you're totally blind to them. This makes the experience constantly nerve racking.

It would be great if one of these games was produced for the WiiU or an older version was updated for the console. For now you have more access on modern consoles with this release for the PS3.


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