Saturday 19 October 2013

LEAKED: Windows 9 and 10!

Someone leaked that Microsoft has a new

Microsoft has unveiled their next operating system. And another one after that.

The new OS!

With Microsoft it seems there is a bit of a hit and miss with the OS (operating system) products. By this I mean it seems that every second OS to come out seems to get totally destroyed buy the PC market and shunned like the unoptimized, GUI heavy, monster Vista. Now after the success of Windows 7 , everyone has been dreading using the touch screen oriented Window 8. To be fair Windows 8 optimized better than Windows 7 but is so contrived it's gimmicks almost scream "LOOK AT ME I'M SHINY!"

The Windows 9 release date is still speculative. Though not confirmed, the notorious leaks that emerge from the apparently reputable (or so every source on the matter I have found states), WZor has claimed that it is said to release in 2014. It's apparently going to look similar to Windows 7 with the original Vista Aero layout. This seems like a step back in the right direction. Though a concern for Microsoft's direction is normal, "at present it is unclear whether Windows 9 will more resemble Windows 7 tailored for a touch-screen, or Windows 8 fixed for classical usage" said, Anton Shilov from X-bit labs.

Though the confusion (which is fair since this is all due to rumour) about Windows 9 is not the end of Microsoft's antics. Windows 10 has been mentioned as well. The date of which is assumed to be around 2015-2016, since it's unclear what will be done with Windows 9 and it's updates. Similar to Window 8 having the 8.1 release coming out. Though (not to make this post and less legitimate) rumours do state that there are plans to stop creating service packs for operating systems and just come out with fully new and better operating systems. Another one of Microsoft's plans to take as much money out of your pocket as they can.

Windows 10 is allegedly claimed to be a cloud based OS. I say that with some uncertainty (even though I'm unsure about all of this) because it's probably the weirdest piece of news to come out from all of this. Understanding why Microsoft thinks that making a totally cloud integrated system will be effective in the current market baffles me.

Google has actually done the same thing. With all of their advertisements on their own services like YouTube, I've seen loads of commercials talking about the 'Chromebook.' This crazy thing is supposed to have no offline features to it (or that could be just them informing me too vaguely through their ads). Everything is supposed to be internet concentrated. This could just be saving data. Meaning less parts (such as inner storage) needed. Allowing you to access everything online through applications like Google Drive, for storing documents, pictures, presentations, and more.

The idea sounds neat, only it assumes the global market has had some sort of massive upgrade in it's internet infrastructure. Sure there are some very rich people who can afford to have fibre optic internet connection delivered through FTTH technology but what happens when that rich person leaves their neighbourhood? On the other hand I was running on 0.1Mb/s connection last year!
All because I had an outdated modem. The services provided (to be fair I'm in Canada which has some of the worst telecom companies known to Earth) for most people do not allow for that much cloud computing. The bandwidth limits are too low for the time being and can't support it. Unless you're in Korea.If so, 안녕하세요!

The infrastructure required to maintain such an endeavour is enormous.The amount of power require to build an internet connected world is on a level such as this I can't even imagine. Since Microsoft isn't a telecom company, I don't know where they think all this extra bandwidth is coming from. Google on the other hand has made Google Fibre and is sort of trying to be a part of every technological industry possible. So they're another story.

Microsoft seems to be getting the message that Windows 8 is not what people wanted and trying to fix that in Windows 9 while trying some insane idea for Windows 10.

I'm interested in finding out what the logo for Windows 10 will be after seeing the strikingly similar logo Windows 8 had to Windows 1.

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