Monday 14 October 2013

New Game - Rain

Play Station Network (PSN) has a new downloadable title. It sort of came out of no where. Quite literally, the characters are usually invisible.

Image source: GiantBomb

Rain is a puzzle platformer, action-adventure game. It deals with trying to get through a city as a little boy.
The trick to it is that the boy I'm talking about has a peculiar event occur upon him. He sees a little girl in the rain. Only an outline formed by the rain. Without drops falling down she fades away. She is almost like a ghost. The game deals with evading monsters and trying to make your way to safety. After seeing the girl, you yourself are also only visible in the rain. The goal as I presume is to find her again. and then the mystery to all of this will be revealed.

This begs an interesting premise. If you yourself are only visible in the rain and are vulnerable to monsters at this particular time, you may want to stay hidden. THOUGH, if you want to have any chance of find the girl and finding out what has transpired there is only one option. You must face the world and survive this journey in hopes of reuniting with this lost girl (or at least I assume it's a girl).

It has been out for 12 days so far in the Americas. The Euro releases was within a couple days of that as well.

 It's being sold for the $14.99, £9.99 and €12.99.

Trailer from Gamescom 2013

Every so often a little gem pops up on the PSN store. Not having played it I can't judge but I am very intrigued to see some game play and how it'll function. The mechanics based around the rain could certainly be used in a very unique was to take advantage of all the different genres it's representing. Though it could also be a bit of a gimic that just adds for some very limited puzzles. 

An interview and behind the scenes, brought to you by the great journalists at Joystiq.

I'll be on the look out for more info on the game later on. Let me know if any of you decide to pick it up. I'd like to read some reviews.

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