Tuesday 22 October 2013

Kickstarter — Scale, It's A Big Deal

I found another one! ♥

Free roaming puzzle? Yes! Manipulate the world by stepping all over it or making it tower over you!  



 Puzzle games are notorious for frustration. Mechanics that take a little quirk and focus the game around that. SCALE is a game that take the full 180 of that experience. Taking the word 'silly' and cranking it up has high as it can go. I'm referring to The SCALE device. This machine uses 'Size Juice' which you have a limited amount of to spray anything in sight. Spraying things with the juice will make them HUGE while reversing the effect to retain/ collect more juice will turn them itty-bitty. The game has no real narrative as I can tell. The game is in very early alpha but the mechanics are clearly set up. The fine tuning of it is never ending since there is so much left to build.

From the tiny bit of voice-over I heard in that trailer I'll admit I did like the tone of the game. A bit serious, in a whimsical world. The irony is a  nice touch. Without much insight into the game I can't say I'm hooked but I'm intrigued enough to keep an eye on this project.

The Kickstarter has raised half of it's funding in just 5 days! A budget of less than 100K is actually pretty impressive. The complexity of the game is not too high but the physics and the way it plays out seems pretty neat. I really can't make out much from the game at such an early stage so I can't say it's good but the premise is worth paying attention too.


The 10 dollars required to get the game is probably worth it. There are 24 more days to wait for updates and see if it catches your eye in that span. There are of course many good perks such as the soundtrack, a CD of the soundtrack, and get this... a vinyl of the soundtrack. If you're really generous and have lots of money you get to do so in style. The soundtrack is also not bad at all. On the Kickstarter you'll find the song used in the trailer which is alone worth your time. 

Now put in a little more cash and you'll notice that some pretty reputable devs have given their support of this title. At this price you'll also be getting "STEAM KEYS for Noitu Love 2, Electronic Super Joy, Incredipede, and Osmos" as stated on the Kickstarter page. Now if one indie game with crazy mechanics isn't your thing... why stop at one?

There has been one video update address the games initial design and ideas behind it if your interested in some behind the scenes work. This video is designed to show you what the state of the game is as of the current state of the Kickstater.
Lots of updates just regard some text of some people talking but not here. Here we get actual game-play, and you'll likely be seeing it evolve over time with more updates coming out. Hopefully you'll see with the time they  have left a product worth backing and a concept that has been taken full advantage of.

All Credit to Steve Swink for all the assets used here. They all come from the Kickstarter page.

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