Sunday 13 October 2013

Kickstarter - GoD Factory: Wingmen

This game needs your help! It's not close to being backed but has so much potential!

GoD Factory: Wingmen is a multiplayer spaceship shooter. Cross-platform, co-op, tactical strategy. You play in groups of up to three other people. Prior to entering battle a player must first construct their ship or upgrade if they have been playing a lot. This is done by using the in game currency you collect. This means the more money you have (the more you play) the longer and more you will be on the battlefield. The main objective is to destroy the enemy ship that holds all of them before and during the game while they repair. Orders can be placed by other players and your team-mates can then confirm if they will follow through with the plan. The match deals with destroying the enemy carrier but also protecting your own. While you repair inside your own and refill on ammo you might be getting destroyed outside. There is a lot of tactics that are involved.

It has a wonderful soundtrack which you can hear here in their trailer:

Okay, now that you have listened to that and experience the spectacular visuals, are you hooked?
Not yet? Fine.

It will also support the Oculus Rift! That means a virtual reality simulator of piloting a spaceship in interplanetary space!

The KickStarter is giving it away for 15 dollars if you can hurry for early bird access! This means beta access too.
The next tear for a copy of the game with some little bonuses start from 20 and so on (including more bonuses).

Here is some first hand game-play of the game by Jesse Cox and Josh from Indiestatik:

If you want to back this wonderful game just click here for the KickStarter page and
here for the Steam Greenlight.

For further information check out the IndieDb report on the game.

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