Thursday 31 October 2013

Buckets Full of Worms

Have you ever wanted a crap ton of Worms games?


        You're in luck.                                                                              You must be playing Worms already.
Team 17 (the developers of the franchise if you didn't know)
are up on the Humble Bundle Weekly Sale. This is a big sale
that happens, weekly. As you might imagine. Usually themed
similar to this sale; with a developer or type of game.

There are more games to this bundle than just worms games but that would probably be anybodies reason for getting the bundle. The game known as Worms Revolution is the gold edition (you get all the DLC) which is on Steam for 25 dollars. There are several other Worms games which are great for mulitplayer because a lot of them support hot-seat local multiplayer so you don't have to crowed around one keyboard.

This is a humble bundle sale so it is all pay what you want for 5 Worms games and a platformer titled SuperFrog HD. The gold edition game I just mentioned is in the bonus content along side their Alien Breed series (games 1-3). The bonus content comes form paying more than or equal to 6 bucks. Though no need to be cheap here. As much of the money as you like will go to the developers or to charity. As well you can allocate a portion of your payment to The Humble Bundle themselves. Why not?

5 soundtracks are also included. 2 extra of which (making a total of 7) are attained through the bonus content.

Unfortunately all of these games are only available through Steam. Which for the most part is okay but it needs annoying DRM that is obligated to follow every Steam game. Keep in mind this is pretty much just a neat deal if your a Windows user. Only Worms Crazy Golf and Superfrog HD are available for Mac and ONLY Superfrog HD comes for Linux.

Have fun if you do end up picking this up. I've been thinking of hooking up on PS1 and popping in Worms World Party and now I finally have the motivation to do so. Worms are in the air! Now blow the heck out of your friends!

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