Sunday 29 December 2013

Piano Black Consoles

Usually a bad idea. Of course the aesthetic is what I mean.

The outside of a console seems like kinda of an unimportant detail but once you have it for a while it starts to clearly express the issue with the glossy finish.

What I mean is with the PSP, PS3, and PS4 they all originally had the same issues. A piano black finish (or partial finish) which looks nice but is made of some pretty cheap stuff compared to a grand piano. Leaving finger prints and scratches much easier than a matte finish like the PS2.

During the Christmas season I wanted to get myself something nice aside form all the socks I got from my dear Mama.

I've been on the hunt!

Specifically for a PSP. Everyone can tell me how much I should get a 3DS but I've never been interested in first party Nintendo games and I'm also a cheap student with a frugal attitude. I've held off on a PSP for this long and only a year ago did I start to get into the DS.

Consoles over time get cheaper and at the same time games do too. The best part is with this fact they also get more expansive game collections. This allows for a much easier time when shopping for games (regarding wallet and time spent).

In all it makes sense to get a console with a matte finish (which are usually also textured) and have a longer shelf life in the appearance you expect of them.

 This is similar to the one I got but it's not limited edition and doesn't have
the stylish vinyl. Image source: Kotaku  

Aside from that there is also the metal finish. Often a mixture of metals with aluminium (since pure aluminium is way to difficult to get and use). I was lucky enough to get the PSP like this which allows for no finger prints and just a bit of extra protection on a hand-held console as opposed to cheap plastic. The reflection of light on this machine will probably block out any scratches that end up appearing.

Happy hunting.

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