Thursday 12 December 2013

YouTube Copyright Claims Almost Everyone

Some of you might be aware but YouTube has been struck with a lot of issues regarding copyright this week.

Personally there is a hope here at Critical Correspondence to spread to different media outlets by including audio and video in all the content being produced. Being a Google user and attaining to Blogger it was a hope that perhaps YouTube would be a great place to branch off and strengthen the website.

Currently it seems that the things people are being flagged for include cut-scenes, trailers, and music.

This was not the initial plan for the website to really include any of that. If I were to attempt to do a high quality video review listening to a bit of the music or watching a bit of a cut-scene to make a statement on the matter seems a bit harder now with these restrictions.

Assuming that one can show a bit of someones work to review it is within fair use law though it seems YouTube isn't abiding by that.

TotalBiscuit made a video on that subject and how things are very much now in a condition where a lot of people who were with networks are being abandoned by their network due to new organization YouTube has implemented.

Later on after tweeting about recording this video there was also a great discussion on Rev3Games with him and ItmeJP and others about the current state YouTube is in and perspectives from many angles.

This is also odd since it seems to be totally the fault of YouTube. A lot of publishers have clear statements about the whole matter on their website saying they are okay with monetized content with some exceptions (no pay wall for instance). Many have come out to say they will support those who are being targeted but this including Blizzard have come out saying you should challenge these claims since they are not desired by Blizzard or these other companies. 

For the most part that gives a publisher a bad name and a anti-consumer sort of feel. Though this is not the case for every company. Many of these claims are being made falsely which is even more annoying. People who work tirelessly on their content are being content ID matches by companies that have nothing to do with a game being shown or discussed. 

Though this is not to say all the game publishers are against this. Nintendo has made it clear earlier this year that they don't want anyone making money off of their games. By going after their consumers and taking down "let's plays."

People wonder why the WiiU is doing so bad in comparison to the other consoles. A big factor would be the terrible marketing. A lot of gamers use the internet for their news now and with all Nintendo content being removed from channels people trust on YouTube, people just stop finding relevant content. 

Great people who work very hard on their content like The Completionist and Angry Joe are being targeted and they have claimed how frustrated they are with a lot of their work not being usable at the moment. The Completionist even tweeted about having to probably no longer use any music from in games any longer. It really tore at the content by finding matches with the music in the videos.

Angry Joe on the other hand was frustrated when being charged as guilty until proven innocent. YouTube has given the publishers a means to ruin their content creators work and lives without ever there being an issue of actually making a fraudulent claim.

Though things don't end there. Since these are just the people who are more well known when it comes to YouTube. Even in that case a lot of these people don't have the luxury to just stop working and take a break. They have to keep working and posting to keep their audiences pleased and present if they want any money. 

Smaller channels like which posts lots of high quality content can't even afford to spend much time on their channel yet they put so much time into each video. YouTube already doesn't pay very much and yet this is occurring. Anyone who is trying to rise up and make a better place to find content is having a real hard time while YouTube constantly sides against their own employees. Their partners. 

YouTube used to have a lot of great features like recommending channels based on the channel you were on. Having a recommendation for other channels on the same Subscriber level. Now PewDiePie is being recommended on every channel. Even though he is the most popular YouTuber, he is still in need of more advertisement it seems.

That and more is explained here:

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