Wednesday 1 January 2014

Deus Ex, Music Enhancement

There is a lot of great music in games just like television and movies. The music industry has many ties within video games because a great game usually is accompanied by a great soundtrack.

I often ask people for suggestions of soundtracks to listen to and if they can't think of the music right away I revert to the question, "well what's your favourite game in that case?" Usually that has a pretty great score.

It's hard to enjoy a game with terrible music.

Here is an example of a master. Michael McCann is an extraordinary composer who takes vocals and harmonizes them with electronics and orchestral pieces in an almost mesmerizing way.

This is the soundtrack to the prequel to Deus Ex,

This music does accompany a great game. With terrific story and gameplay mechanics that constantly change in a way which makes you feel more adept to the world around you. 

There are a lot of things I would like to say about Human Revolution aside from it's terrific music but I will wait until the review (when I've actually beaten it). I highly recommend it.

Now aside from this newer title, the original game is also marvellous in it's soundtrack. The mechanics are even better in that game; allowing you to have more freedom and more exploring. It's a game that offers multiple options when playing any mission.

Deus Ex (the original) is available on GOG if you were interested (it's best place to get classic games).

But this game has quite the reputation. It's been around for long enough to have several mods release for it that are worth checking out and along with that remixes.

Some not so serious:

The fact the song has a rhythm that matches the rap is a amusing coincidence. Aside from that there are a lot of really professional remixes of the music instrumental track along with covers. OCRemix are best known for their work on making diverse derivatives of video game tracks and posting them all for free on their website.

Recently OCRemix released an album (composed by several artists) of various Deus Ex songs (from the different games) called, Sonic Augmentation. Here's a sample:

There is a wide assortment of funny, skilful, and classic songs that have emerged from this series of games. More than likely more remixes will be coming out so keep an eye out for the latest releases on OCRemix.

Credit for music content goes to
1. OCRemix's Vig
2. Triple-Q
3. Michael McCann
4. Alexander Brandon
5. Dan Gardopée
6. Michiel van den Bos
7. Reeves Gabrels

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