Wednesday 22 January 2014

Hey All You Rudies, Jet Set Radio Is On The Air!

From the wonderful memories of Jet Set Radio! We have been given something to immerse oursleves back into the world of JSR.

Listening to the radio and hearing DJ Professor K calling out to you and all other Rudies in town was always I reason to rejoice. Were I live I can't say any sort of pirate radio station exists (unless you count the one that was removed 4 years ago). From the legitimate stations we have I can't say there are any that meet the style of JSR. Not even close.

Knowing this was an issue, someone who is going by the nostalgic name of DJ Professor K has answered this call. Taking in submissions and uploading new tracks every couple days (if not daily at times). Our old friend DJ has risen once more! JSR exists on the web. If you've got data there is even a radio option where you can listen to music on the go.

Not only does JSR feature the music you remember from the games but also music found over time that matches the style of the nutritious pirate radio station. Keeping it alive and fresh.

The website features a few different options. The front page displays a nice background with a list of new tracks that have been uploaded. This is the Blog portion of the webpage. One the side there is a list of months and their corresponding years. They are archives of past uploads. Here is where all the new submissions are displayed. If you click on one there is a comment section.

The first archive is in March of 2013 (would have been a cool birthday present to have found it back then). This has one entry recorded and that's the long lasting playlist that acts as the radio (continuous play of music). This can be accessed at all times at the top by the second page option after Blog, under Radio.

The About page is essentially a summarized version of this post explaining how Jet Set Radio is designed to bring the music people loved from the game back in a way that can branch out from the game. Feel free to email the the Professor if you've got questions there.

Then finally to let you get involved the Professor has added a Submit page. This is where you can provide your choice of music that you feel suit the dope style all Rudies dig.


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