Sunday 10 March 2013

Recommended Links - March 2013

Let me take you to another place!

This page will be continuously updated through the month specified (new links at the top).

 Here are some links to web pages worth your attention. A description underneath each on will explain why. I'll try to keep it diverse and appeal to as many of you as possible. Suggestions are welcome.


Featuring a very prodigious news service, Reuters has constant updates which are often very quick in regards to breaking news. Offering insight into economics, world politics, tech news, and sports for example. For an informed person, there are also separate editions of the website for various countries (U.S., Canada, Mexico, &c).

Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia 
Headlines, featured articles, historical events that occurred on the specific day of the year your viewing the web page, random facts from new articles updated by users, a featured picture with in depth description, and a portal to different languages and themes. Now aside from the front page of Wikipedia here is more to web site than what most people know.

The New Yorker
A weekly newspaper. The website gives you access to lots of content. Photos, insight into literature, politics, culture, cartoons, and the satire piece 'The Borowitz Report" are just some of the free experience.

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