Wednesday 19 December 2012

Video Games Sales #7 - Find The Vendor

Video Game Sales #7
December 19th, 2012

Today there seem to be a lot of various opportunities for finding discount video games. With online sales, the convenience of finding the vendors which host the games your looking for is easy.

"Find The Vendor" spotlights sales occurring on popular video game distributors and independent sites deserving a look.


Today we can spotlight a personal favourite website GOG. To look at an objective review of the website and understand more, feel free to click here.

First, we have the End Of The World DRM - Free Sale. 21 hours left as of this posting, so head on over while you can, because apparently it might be the last chance you get! There are 125+ video games at a discount of 75 per cent off. Take a gander at some of the bundles and featured games being sold:
As stated above, there are over 125 games on sale, so I won't bother making a massive list for you but these are already quite enticing. Check out the website for the full in depth look at these great holiday gift ideas.

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