Sunday 16 December 2012

Video Games Sales #6 - Find The Vendor

Video Game Sales #6
December 16th, 2012

Today there seem to be a lot of various opportunities for finding discount video games. With online sales, the convenience of finding the vendors which host the games your looking for is easy.

"Find The Vendor" spotlights sales occurring on popular video game distributors and independent sites deserving a look.


Today we can spotlight a personal favourite website GOG. To look at an objective review of the website and understand more, feel free to click here.

First, we have the Pick & Mix: Scandinavian Games bundle. 20 hours left as of this posting, so head on over while you can. These are video games starting from $2.49 at a discount of 75 per cent off. If you're interested in:

  Four games for: $17.46 you save: $52.50.
Click quickly since these deals will only survive as long as Riddick can be contained!
GOG has individual games for the daily sales. Including their bestselling titles such as:
All of the games are available on Windows, though Theme Hospital is also supported on Mac.  

The website includes several other games on sale and if you rather look by genre for what pleases you more, then by all means.


Second, we have some Steam sales going on this festive digital season. Specials today include titles available for Windows, plus New Beginning - Final Cut & Defender's Quest: Valley of the Forgotten which is also available on Mac:
More updates on sales may be updated! Stay Tuned!

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