Sunday 31 March 2013

Recommended Links - April 2013

Let me take you to another place!

This page will be continuously updated through the month specified (new links at the top).

 Here are some links to web pages worth your attention. A description underneath each on will explain why. I'll try to keep it diverse and appeal to as many of you as possible. Suggestions are welcome.


The Walrus
A Canadian magazine on culture, politics, technology, &c... Filled with essays, blogs, podcasts, and it's all archived!

Utne Reader
A Canadian magazine featuring science, environment news, politics, art, literature, mind & body, and it has blogs!

A magazine which is all about amazing facts, relative information on current events, great blogs, and interesting questions that also get answered. They have a Twitter feed @Mental_Floss and a YouTube channel.

The Atlantic
A magazine about politics, technology, global issues, culture, and subsection on China. They also have more diverse topics to check out.

Astronomy Picture Of The Day
Photos published by NASA everyday with an explanation giving a lot of detail to every photo.
Daily articles about Canadian politics. With podcasts, blogs, and more, the website supplies progressive news on culture, human rights, accountability, and is very thorough with it's articles.

Milky Way Scientists
A Facebook page which features photos and articles about various forms of science. Ranging from astronomy, biology, physics, and more. Updates occur several times daily.  

A YouTube channel which tries to answer provocative or everyday questions to lots of detail. Each video reveals great insight using unexpected tangents.

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