Tuesday 10 June 2014

SSB Demo!

Tomorrow there will be a playable demo of the upcoming Super Smash Brothers for the WiiU.

Go to a select Best Buy in North America (you'll have to check if your local Best Buy is participating [see blow]) and get your first chance to try the most thrilling multiplayer fighter on Nintendo's consoles.

The event is scheduled for 2 days.
"June 11 from 4-9 PM and  June 14 from 12-5 PM"

To check if a Best Buy near you is a part of this, here is the list for USA, and here is the list for Canada.

Be advised that some of these lists differ between the two days. This means if you are interested you should check which day your store will have the demo playable.


Source: Digital Trends, Event HubsBest BuyBest Buy

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