Tuesday 7 January 2014

Social Music With Cats!

I've made a video game music playlist! Well, I had some help...

Come check out if there are some nostalgic tracks you've longed for or perhaps new treasures you never knew existed. Where you ask?

Wave.cat is a website for sharing music.

Make a playlist that looks great with social networking at it's core!

The website has a social media user system. This means you can log in from Facebook, Twitter, and even SoundCloud.

The website does not have an FAQ (yet) but they do respond quick to any questions on their Facebook page. Now when it comes to actually making your playlist there are a few things you need to know.

  1. You will first need to make a channel. This is a sub-division of the website. This might just be your main channel or about a certain topic. Me and my friend found the website together so we decided to work on a channel for video game music (then anime music). Though it only has one playlist we can organize more based on games, remixes, or even more if we are stricken with the will to organize. 
  2. Now with a channel name you'll need a description. Just say hello or give a message if you want to say something specific about you or the channel.
  3. Then of course once you have you're channel you'll want to have a playlist (you can make a bunch). On the side when you make a new channel there will be an option to make a new playlist or you can just edit the default one given to you.
  4. Editing a playlist has a couple of meanings. On your channels you'll see a pencil icon near the top of the page. This is a button to allow you to edit the background, name of the playlist, the avatar for the channel, the name of the channel, and the description. There are some more features like private and public playlists but you'll learn the details in time.
  5. Songs are integral to the playlist. The website allows you to look something up in the search bar and it tries to find YouTube or SoundCloud posts that match the song you're looking for. Aside from that you can just paste a link into the second bar. They are instantly added to the playlist. You can also add entire playlists from YouTube or SoundCloud if you have the link.
  6. You can edit the song titles when they come in.
    Since you're adding something from online, there are often added details in the titles (XxSuper [HD] Dance Music!xX) you don't need. Just hit the pencil icon that appears when you hover over a song.

  7. Songs can also be deleted by hitting the trash can. 
  8. Then there is the option of viewing the material on it's source page by clicking the YouTube or SoundCloud logo on the song . Also you can use the share icon for socializing. 
The coding on the website is quite clever too. If you try pasting a link to a song but get the URL wrong it will tell you,
"that link sucks... try again."
Not only that, after a while at the top right corner you get little messages about your activity such as,
"thanks for chillaxing 179 minutes with us."

The website has had some bugs, like not being able to edit the latest addition to the list or not being able to edit any song other than the latest track (what irony). 

Now these are excusable. From what I gather it's a very small team working on wave.cat and it's a small website too. There are a lot of visitors but when I signed up my user ID was less than 500. It's still growing and more and more improvements keep coming. For instance the way trending playlists are displayed on the front page:

The user base is very friendly. The admin, Pedro has helped me out quite a bit. Once I even deleted our entire channel. He read my Facebook post on their page and he fixed it all within a matter of seconds. 

There is yet no way to favourite playlists or search through the database other than to go on the homepage and explore what is being exhibited one by one, then bookmark what you want. 

The layout is nice and is easy to use if you've found a playlist to listen to.

If you're interested, check out our favourite music from our
video game playlist or our anime playlist.

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