Friday 22 June 2012

Recommended Links for 2012

Recommended Links for 2012

Let me take you to another place!

After reading reviews I'm sure you're very ebullient. Here are some quick links to some quality content to help release your inner fire. Then once you have the patience to come back feel free - I hope to entertain and enlighten you with some more insightful reviews! The best method is to check out a review first, to get some in tell about what your stumbling into. That way you won't waste your time. Though truth be told, I haven't managed to review everything. As a result, you can use my reviews to help yourself out when scouting the web and narrow your next choice. Here you will find links to things I may have reviewed, have not, and maybe will not. The option of taking my advice is advised, or at least taking it into consideration, though it doesn't apply to everything. Have fun exploring and perhaps leave a comment on what would be a preferred next choice to review. :)




Rice Boy
Comics made by Evan Dahm. A couple of complete books that you can read entirely for free on the website. Great art style with some interesting stories to be told. Other works are featured on the site to be read as they are being created (page by page updates). Purchasing posters or your own copies of the comics is a way to support Evan and his future work.

Critical of current affairs, this blog deals with approaching issues in Canadian politics (but not only)/ media from a multi-perspective analysis. With in depth research, each article is a detailed yet easy to digest. My blog is static, but this one is time sensitive; visiting as often as possible will be quite beneficial.

This site is fantastic for find inspiration, getting motivated, and finding amazing artists. It is a art sharing site that consists of many categories and more functions than I know how to use. The variety of content is endless, and the skill that can be found is impressive. If you would like to see I have made an account at

The Humble Indie Bundle
Every so often they post a bundle of video games you can buy, though they do so allowing you to decide how much you want to pay. When you pay you get to decide how much goes to these guys running the site, the developers of the games you buy, and a charity. Also soundtracks are often included.

If you want to improve your arguments or just figure out why someone sounds fishy, this site can probably help. This website and poster have been designed to help you identify and call out dodgy logic wherever it may raise its ugly, incoherent head.

A blog of art by Oscar Sanmartin. Surreal art with lots of detail. The compositions often resembles old fashioned photographs, though it still manages to seem like the image is almost popping out with it's detail.

A wonderful site for purchasing video games. GOG (formerly Good Old Games) is a group that has so much to offer in comparison to other online stores. The best source for old school games you just can't get to work on your computer or haven't seen in years.

For all of those who are interested in keeping up to date with all the latest technology, from developers and engineers who realize that the planet still exists. Petrol and coal are outdated, some realize this, they are the leaders in technological progress.

We Got Scared - Dogmatic Cure
This fantastic video explains the human race in the best way I've ever had the privilege of listening to and to watch (and read).

A clever comic series 
"A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language." 
which relates to some quite silly and technical topics.

An amusing show exclusive to the internet (until downloaded), bring humour and education toward the great subject of science. Take a look at this sample episode which talks about the fascinating concept of Absolute Zero (can't get colder than that), Kelvin (zero Kelvin is Absolute Zero), the coldest place in the universe (it's closer than you might think), and why any of that matters.

Educational, but useualy on trivial things; this comic makes fun of lots of different aspects of the Scandinavian culture while occasionally bringing in aspects from around the world. Every comic has a point with a lesson or just some knowledge to be inherited which if not understood right away is always explained later on. Great humour to accompany your education.

For fantastic/ critical analysis on regular things which people just misunderstand, a great Canadian blogger who posts often about Canadian politics and media while also dishing out some rational criticism on culture.

Laughter and sometimes some education involved as well with these comics. The presentation of every comic here is always done in a brilliantly simple yet artistic and effective manner.

A digital newspaper feeding your eyes with fascinating information you probably didn't get to know or hear about yet. The guys (and perhaps gals) in charge, are the writers for the fantastic educational show, QI. The value of the show also comes from the very witty guests, that always come on the show to try and answer the hard questions, instead you laugh, but then learn.

Colossal Art & Design
It's always inspiring experience when visiting this blog. Posts on some of the most creative and skilful designs I've ever seen, by a variety of artists. When you want to see quality (which for me strikingly contrasts with my own) go and look through. Perhaps a goal of mine would be to get featured on this site. :)

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